A Provocation: Second Sunday of Advent: December 9, 2018: Luke 3:1-6

The Provocation from the last time through Year C is worth revisiting. What if Luke’s story is more interesting, and more complicated, than we have assumed?


Luke 3:1-6

1In the fifteenth year of the hegemony of Tiberias Caesar,

when Pontius Pilate had hegemony over Judea,

Tetrarch over Galilee: Herod,

Philip (his brother) Tetrarch: over Iturea

and the region of Trachonitus

Lysanius: over Abilene, Tetrarch,

2 in the time of the priesthood of Annas (Gracious) and Caiaphas (Stone??):

It happened

a word of Elohim

on Yochanan

(MERCY is Gracious)

the son of Zechariah

(MERCY Remembers, or Remember MERCY)

in the wordless wilderness.

3He went into all the surrounding region of the Jordan

proclaiming a purification of mind-changing

into release of sins.

4As it stands written in the book

of arguments of Yesha-yahu

(MERCY is Salvation)

the prophet:

A voice bellows:

In the wordless wilderness

Prepare the road of  MERCY

straight make his paths.

5Every ravine will be filled

every mountain and hill…

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